Lower Emission School Bus Program

Funding for School District Buses

The Santa Barbara County APCD continues to partner with school districts in the county to reduce air pollution from heavy-duty diesel engines by replacement of old diesel fueled school buses with new clean diesel, CNG, hybrid, or alternative fueled buses, in accordance with the California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) Lower Emission School Bus Program.

The APCD has grant funding for eligible projects from $2 DMV fee funds (approved by the APCD Board on 12/16/2004, pursuant to AB923).  Additional funding may be available from ARB through the Lower Emission School Bus Program.


School districts that own and operate school buses with model year 1993 or older are eligible for replacement funding.


School districts that are seeking retrofit funding, which involves installation of a particulate matter control device on an existing school bus, should contact the APCD for more information.

For more information regarding school bus funding, please contact Jim Fredrickson at (805) 961-8892.

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