On the Air 1990-1995

Santa Barbara County Air Quality News and Business Focus 1990-1995

This is an index of past issues of On the Air from 1990 through 1995.

November/December 1995

Four Days of Unhealthful Pollution Levels Boat Emissions to be Reduced Public Provides Input to APCD – Survey Results Are In Clean Air Express at Your Service Q&A: What are the asbestos requirements for house demolition? Clean Air Holiday Shopping Tips Local Community Gets Involved in APCD Reformulated Fuel Update

Business Focus

New Source Review Update Group Looks at Ways to Accurately Measure Vapor Pressure Consultant Databases Available from Cal EPA Does Your Business Need Onsite Compliance Advice? Tips on How to Sail Through the Permit Process

September/October 1995

Pollution Prevention Week Clean Fuels and Energy Program Cleans Air and Energizes Local Economy Ozone Season and Pollution Prevention APCD Board Roundup APCD Teams Up with Pollution Prevention Center Rideshare Week Handy Phone Numbers

Business Focus

Woodcoating Rule Revision Approved by CAC APCD Teams up to Reduce Emissions From Boilers Reporting Equipment Breakdowns Non-toxic Alternatives for Dry Cleaning

July/August 1995

Board Awards Clean Air Grants Stricter Particulate Standard on the Horizon Cleaner Gas to be Sold in California New Gas Nozzle Used in Santa Maria APCD Now Independent from the County APCD’s World Wide Web Sites

Business Focus

Fast Track Permitting Metal Coating Rule Revised Recordkeeping & Exemptions Simplified Air Resources Board Goes Online EPA Delays Chlorinated Solvent Standards Q&A: Does APCD Regulate Stratospheric Ozone Depleting Compounds?

May/June 1995

APCD Revising Major Permit Rules Five Businesses Receive Environmental Award EPA Deems Clean Air Plan Complete for Processing Bike to Work Day

Business Focus

Ombudsman Appointed Business Environmental Assistance Center Offers Services to California Businesses Q&A: Registration for Portable Equipment Federal Clean Air Act Requirement for Halogenated Solvents

March/April 1995

1995 Marks 25 Years for APCD Earth Day Event Will Kick Off Kids Club Local Schools Can Think Earth What can One Person Do?

Business Focus

Celebrate Earth Day With a Gift of Education Compliance Tips APCD Active in Economic Development Forum The Green Award Q&A: Separate Permits for Internal Combustion Engines Transportation Demand Management Rule

January/February 1995

Tell Us What You Think! Old Vehicle Clean Up Partnership Changes Hybrid Buses Delivered to Vandenberg Air Force Base APCD Information Available on the Internet Hong Kong Requests Assistance from APCD Staff Clean Air Survey

Business Focus

APCD Streamlining Efforts Summarized Small Business Owners SCORE With Free Advice Title V of the Federal Clean Air Act

November/December 1994

1994 Clean Air Plan Adopted by APCD Board with Vandenberg Revision Funding Available for Motor Vehicle Projects 1993 Annual Air Quality Report Finalized 1995 APCD Board Calendar Green Award Nominations

Business Focus

What Will Happen to AEM? Recent APCD Actions If You Cannot Comply with Air Pollution Regulations – Variances

September/October 1994

APCD Opens Business Assistance Program Smog Season Continues Hybrid Vehicles Combine Natural Gas and Electric Technologies Air Pollution Control District to Cut Organizational Ties to County

Business Focus

Directory Connects Business and Government Revisions to Body Shop Rule Considered The Voice Behind APCD’s Business Assistance Line Community Advisory Council Appointed by New Air Board

July/August 1994

New APCD Board Formed Outer Continental Shelf Platforms to be Permitted by APCD APCD 1994/95 Budget Local Businesses to Participate in Pollution Prevention Program Air Quality Summary

Business Focus

New Flare Rule Adopted Air Toxic Control Measure Adopted for Dry Cleaners Fleets of the Future: Clean Fuel Vehicles Available Now

May/June 1994

North County Open House on June 10 Goleta & Santa Maria School Districts Receive the Nation’s First Electric School Buses APCD Revising Permitting and New Source Revision Rules Draft 1994 Clean Air Plan Expected in July Old Car Report Available Green Awards Presented to Five Local Businesses

Business Focus

Body Shop Rule Revision Adopted Gas Station Inspections Consolidated Administrative Infraction Document Created

March/April 1994

APCD to Form Advisory Council Santa Barbara County Meets Federal Clean Air Standards Priority Projects Chosen for 1993/94 DMV Funds APCD Nominates Nine Businesses for Green Award Santa Barbara County’s Air Monitoring Program APCD Works With SM Company to Clarify Boiler Rule

Business Focus

On the Air Goes to Business From the Air Pollution Control Officer APCD to Exempt Certain Businesses from Permit Requirements

January/February 1994

APCD Board of Directors to Change From the Air Pollution Control Officer Business Deserve Recognition Old Vehicle Cleanup Partnership Update EPA Delegates Offshore Permit Authority to APCD 1993 Air Quality Summary

November/December 1993

Rule Revisions Required by EPA Air Quality Permits and Streamlining Process Underway An Inventory of Pollution for our Clean Air Plans (Emission Inventory) Notices of Violation and the Mutual Settlement Plan

August/September 1993

Federal Clean Air Plan Completed (ROP) Two Local Boats Receive Low-Polluting Diesel Engines What is a Clean Air Plan? The APCD Inspection – a Tool for Successful Compliance New Department Head Named Chevron Tanker Loads Crude Oil at Gaviota

June/July 1993

The Heat is On (summer activities) Traffic Solutions Air Pollution Complaints How Do We Compare (graph)

April/May 1993

DOE Grant Will Fund Clean Gas Turbines Court Orders Tougher Clean Air Plans for Three Ca. Districts (FIPs) Bike Coalition Electric Vehicles Clean Air Week

February/March 1993

Up In Smoke (fireplaces and woodstoves) Legislature Passes New Public Health Law (Toxics) Ozone: A Regional Pollutant With A Regional Solution Legislature Amends The California Clean Air Act Annual Reports are Due

November/December 1992

Old Vehicle Clean Up Partnership County Updates Energy Element of General Plan Where Does That Haze Come From? Public Service Announcement is Aired on Local Television The Autumn Smog Season

September 1992

EPA Adopts Air Regulations for Oil Platforms Santa Barbara Clean Air Plan Adopted by Air Resources Board Why You Should Think Twice Before Starting Up Your Car County Reaches Agreement With Chevron to Reduce Smog Smog Intrudes on Summer Fun

July 1992

Loans Available for Air Pollution Control Equipment Toxic Air Contaminants: What Are We Exposed To? Air Pollution, Gas Stations and You APCD Lowers Fees Pollutant of the Month: Benzene

May 1992

Unhealthful Ozone Levels Measured this Spring Air Pollution Damages Our Health, Economy and Productivity Facts About Air Pollution, Health and Exercise Dispelling the Myths About the Clean Air Program in Santa Barbara County

March 1992

Clean Air Week Earth Day Exhibition Set for April 26 Leaving Your Car at Home Can Be Fun

January 1992

Santa Barbara County Adopts Clean Air Plan District Anticipated Progress Towards Clean Air with Passage of Two New Rules Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide EPA Proposes Offshore Air Regulations Exxon’s Lorelay Operating in the Santa Barbara Channel

November 1991

Holiday Shopping for Clean Air Community Assistance Programs Underway Carbon Monoxide 1991 Air Quality Attainment Plan to be considered by Board Clean Air Conference Call for Papers Draft EIR Available for Public Review (AQAP)

September 1991

Keep California Moving – Rideshare Week Producing Energy from Fuel Cells The APCD Inspection Program Santa Barbara Conducts PM10 Study

July 1991

The Permitting Process – An Overview Oil Begins Flowing at the Chevron Processing Facility Nitrogen Oxides – Forerunners to Smog Air Quality Monitoring: Finding Out What is in the Air We Breathe

April 1991

Santa Barbara Develops Comprehensive Risk Assessment Model The California Clean Air Act Mandates Tough Pollution Regulations Reactive Organic Compounds – Forerunners to Smog

February 1991

Health Advisory Alert (Ozone) Natural Gas – the Fuel of the Future APCD Works to Demystify Air Regulations (publications) APCD Efforts to Reduce Pollution from Motor Vehicles

December 1990

Santa Barbara County Ozone Study Federal Clean Air Act Passed All Aboard the Clean Air Express The Smog Check Program Careful Consumerism can Benefit Air Quality

October 1990

Introducing… On the Air Who you Gonna Call (APCD Description) Bicycling – A Popular Alternative to Autos The Bicycle Commuting Experience APCD Earth Day Message Reaches Thousands in County Good Ozone and Bad Ozone


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