On the Air 1996-2008

Santa Barbara County Air Quality News and Business Focus 1996-2008

This is an index of past issues of On the Air from 1996 through 2008.

Fall 2008
Air Quality and the Tea Fire
The Economics of Global Warming Solutions
Harmful Air Cleaners – New Rule
Future is Green Conference
Cleaner Fireplace Burning
Old Car Buy Back Program
Lower-Emission School Buses
Gas Stations Rules
State Developing Refrigerant Rule
Top Vehicles for Fuel Economy

Summer 2008
Taking a Vacation from the Gas Pump
Gap and Basin Fires Affect County’s Air
New Division Manager
New Faces at the District
CEQA and Climate Change
MarBorg Welcomes New CNG Truck
Draft Scoping Plan for Climate Change Bill
New Green Business Program Permit Updates

Spring 2008
Summer is Smog Season and Fire Season
New Reports on Health Effects of Pollution
Farewell to Peter Cantle
Energy Challenges, Community Solutions
Testing Fuels and Vehicles
Revisions on Engine Rules
New Scorecard for CA Vehicles

Winter 2008
High Winds and Poor Air Quality
Smoke, Ash, and Dust Events
Creating a Healthy Community
Two New APCD Engineers
Communicating about Air
Ride Free on MTD on Earth Day
Cleaning Up School Bus Exhaust
APCD Sues EPA – Large Ship Engines Rules
Rules Roundup
Grants for Local Businesses

Fall 2007
New State Air Chair Leads with Experience
Ash and Smoke in County’s Air
2007 Green Award Winners
Staff Transitions
Vehicle Technologies at AltCar Expo
Reducing Pollution from Marine Shipping
Farm Engines Must Now Be Registered
Funds for Cleaner Engines

Summer 2007
Living Near Freeways Harms Children’s Lungs
Wildfire Smoke
Air Quality Milestone
Old Car Buy Back
Our Air, Our Earth
APCD Board Adopts Farm Engine Registration
New State Rule for Construction Equipment
APCD Specialists Present Paper
New APCD Boiler Rule
Auto Body Rule Workshops

Spring 2007
Smog Seasons Starts Early
How to Cut Gas Costs this Summer
Fire Season Ends Late, Starts Early
Earth Day 2007
Global Warming Science Fair
Remembering Vijay Pawar
Learning About Our Air
Legislation to Cut Pollution from Ships
APCD Staff Retirements
New Rules for Farm Engines
New Rules and Tools for Auto Body Shops
Grants for Local Businesses
Business Assistance Program

Winter 2007
Planning for Clean Air
Air Pollution Education Programs
Regulating Pollution from Ships
Watch Your Smoke
Bike Race
Ride Free on MTD on Earth Day
Diesel Pollution Solutions
New State Regs for Farms
Funds to Replace Older Farm Equipment

Fall 2006
California’s Global Warming Solutions
AB 32 Timeline
Wildfire Smoke
Top Ten 07 Vehicles for Fuel Economy
Wheel of Change: Our Air, Our Earth
2006 Green Award Winners
Particle Pollution
Backup Diesel Generators

Summer 2006
Summer is Smog Season
Wildfire Smoke
Old Car Buy Back
Air Pollution Research
June Bike Challenge
Car Free Earth Day
Don’t Top Off
Transportation Fuels and Technologies Terms and Tradeoffs

Spring 2006
New State Air Board Chair
Air Facts
Students Convert Car to Veggie Oil
State Updates Report on Air Purifiers
APCD Launches Old Car Buy Back
Guadalupe’s New School Buses
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel is Coming
Preventing Pollution at Auto Body Shops
Green Award Nominations

Winter 2006
Waste Conversion and Air Pollution
R2P2 Returns to Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum
Santa Barbara County Bicycling
Recycling Construction Waste
Green Award Nominations
Green Gardener Training
New Cuyama School Bus

Fall 2005
Guide to a Clean-Air Ride
Climate Change: New Findings
Annual Reports Due Save Money and Fuel
New Engineer
Carbon Monoxide Winter Threat
Cleaner Fireplace Burning
Celebrating Green Business Leaders
Marian Medical Center Honored
Portable Engines

Summer 2005
Energy and Our Air – Alternatives, Tradeoffs
Casa Nueva Building Recognized
New on the Web Climate Change and California
What One Person Can Do
Summer Camp Presentations
Fuel Economy
Reducing Emissions of Gasoline Vapors
MTD 10 Millionth Passenger
Pollution Prevention Week
Air Pollution and Development Projects
Grants for Local Businesses
Amtrak Wins Award for Rail 2 Rail
Don’t Top Off

Spring 2005
State Adopts New Air Standard
Teachers Honored for Environmental Education
Clean Air Month
APCD Receives Air Monitoring Award
Cleaner Diesel Fuel is Coming
Agricultural Permits Update
Grants for Local Businesses
New on the Web

Winter 2005
New APCD Programs to Fund Cleaner Engines
Indoor Smog: Air Purifiers Alert
New on the Web
New State Anti-Idling Rule
2004 Clean Air Plan
Agricultural Permitting Program Enters New Phase
Controlling Pollution from Stationary Diesel Engines
Grants for Local Businesses
Business Assistance Program

Fall 2004
2004: A Clean-Air Year
Clean-Air Cars
Reducing Particle Emissions
Don’t Top Off!
Green Awards
Funding for Diesel Engines
Agricultural Permits

Summer 2004
Air Pollution and Health:
Air Pollution and Children
Air Pollution and Heart Conditions
Proposed State Ozone Standard
APCD Organizational Updates
Fine Particles, Smoke, and Our Health
Flex Your Power at the Pump
Agriculture, Air Pollution and Permits
Clean Air Plan Update
Helping Medical Facilities Prevent Pollution
September is for Pollution Prevention

Spring 2004
Working Together for Clean Air
APCD’s New Director
County Meets Newer Ozone Standard
Calendar Contest
Don’t Top Off Your Tank!
Car Free Winners
Green Building Strategies
Green Awards
Powering Business with the Sun

Winter 2003-2004
Our Air in 2003
Kathy Patton Retires
Cleaner Fireplace Burning
The 2 Millionth Passenger
2004 Kids Calendars
APCD’s Santa Maria Office
Solar Power
Green Award Businesses

Fall 2003
The Next Chapter Begins
Our Cars: Can’t Live With ‘Em… Can’t Live Without ‘Em
The Fine Particles in Our Air
Safe Routes to School
Reducing Air Pollution from Ships
SCAQMD Suspends Funds for Dry Cleaners Switching to GreenEarth?/font> Process

March/June 2003
Clean-Air Choices
Outside the Box
A Clean-Air Car Primer
Air Pollution and Health
Hydrogen: Fuel of the Future?
APCD and Boeing Announce Agreement

January/February 2003
Another Good Year for Our Air
California, Cars, and Climate Change
Car Free in 2003
Completely Car Free
Save Planet Polluto!
Asbestos: What You Should Know
First Fuel Cell Cars Leased in California
Annual Reports Due March 1
Attn: Auto Maint. and Repair Shops

November/December 2002
Building Strong Communities
Outside the Box
2003 Kids Care for Clean Air Calendar
New Year’s Clean Air Ideas
Building Strong Communities (cont)
Gilliland Honored

September/October 2002
Tomorrow’s Fuel Cell Technology
Attaining Ozone Standard
Blochman’s New Propane Schoolbus
MTD and Santa Barbara: Million Mile Club
2002 Green Award Winners
Building Stronger Communities

July/August 2002
Building Stronger Communities
Fuel Cell Vehicles Road Rally
How Kids Get to School
Pollution Prevention Week
R2p2 Visits Borders
County Commute Patterns
Incentives for Greener Cars Business Focus
Marine Shipping Emissions Update
An Electric Miata
Compliance Advisories
P2 West Conference

March/June 2002
Summer Brings Smog-and Energy Use
State’s Environmental Education Plan
Earth Day
Take a Vacation from Your Car Business Focus
Cleaner Outboards
Letter to Permit Holders
Laser Touch

January/February 2002
Reducing Marine Shipping Emissions
Strategies for Clean Air/Less Traffic
New/Revised APCD Rules in 2001
Earth Day Business Focus
Teixeira Farms and Cleaner Engines
New Solar Company to Target Agriculture

November/December 2001
Clean Air Technologies
No Federal Ozone Exceedance
Children and Air Pollution
Cruising the Clean Air AVE
Clean Air Holiday Tips Business Focus
New Program for Auto Repair Shops
Countywide Conference on Growth
Submit Data Online
Funds for Environmental Technologies
Clean Air Holiday Tips

September/October 2001
Pollution Prevention Partnerships
Make a Green Difference
Saving Energy
Pollution Prevention Week at the Pump Business Focus
Green Award an Inspiration
How to Get a Green Award

July/August 2001
Planning a Clean-Air Future
Channel Shipping Emissions to Increase
Kids Care for Clean Air
Recent Ozone Exceedances
Crosstown Shuttle
Federal Part 70 Process
Fuel Cells

March/June 2001
Smog Season is Here
Clean Air Month, Earth Day, and APCD?s New Kiosk
The Air We Breathe
Energy Conservation
Clean-Air Vehicles
Diesel Generators
Dry Cleaners
Car-free and Carefree

January/February 2001
Challenges Ahead: Energy, Diesel, and Growth
Cruising the Clean Air Avenue
GrowthGreen Gardening
Asbestos: The Basics
Tips for Saving Energy
Emergency Ride Home Program

November/December 2000
Going the Extra Clean Mile: Clean-Air Vehicles and the People Who Drive Them
Learning about Clean-Air Vehicles
Saving Energy
New Toxics Web Pages
Funding for Alternate-Fuel Vehicles
Going the Extra Clean Mile
Annual Reports Due March 21st
Adhesives and Sealants Workshop

September/October 2000
Fire in Peat Bog
What is Peat?
Thirty Years of Air Quality Improvements
Board Roundup
APCD Funds Bike Racks on Buses
2000 Green Award Winners

July/August 2000
USEPA Approves Clean Air Plan
New video: The Air We Breathe
APCD Budget
Celebrate National Pollution Prevention Week Sept 18-24
Board Roundup
Permit & Compliance Summary
Help with Permits: www.calgold.ca.gov
Environmental Crossroads
California and Climate Change
Pay Fees, Avoid Penalties

March/June 2000
Celebrating Clean Air Month and Earth Day 2000
Smog Season is Here
Earth Day 2000
Board Roundup
Permit & Compliance Summary
Board Calendar
Preventing Pollution
Pollution Prevention Tips for Business Owners
Green Award Nominations

January/February 2000
Clean Air Miles and New Riders: Santa Barbara MTD
Toxic Air Pollution and Diesel
Board Roundup
Permit & Compliance Summary
Earth Day 2000 is Coming
Board Calendar
Annual Reports due March 1st
Investec Wins State Award
Kilovac First to Get ISO 140001 Certification

November/December 1999
County on Track to Meet Federal Smog Standard
Lulejian Honored for Pollution Cases
Board Roundup
Permit & Compliance Summary
Holiday Clean Air Tips
How We’re Doing
Dry Cleaning Pollution Solutions
Breaking New Ground in Dry Cleaning

September/October 1999
Preventing Pollution: What We Can Do
Clean Technologies for Clean Air
Pollution Prevention Team Tips
Board Roundup
Don’t Top Off
Clean Technologies Reducing Pollution
Permit & Compliance Summary Business Focus
Green Award, continued

July/August 1999
California’s Air Pollution Future: Interview with Alan C. Lloyd, Ph.D., Chair, California Air Resources Board
Egyptian Visit
Attention: Dry Cleaners
Resources for Businesses
Celebrate Pollution Prevention Week in September
Green Awards

May/June 1999
Court Deals Blow to EPA Standards
New Gas Chromatograph
Transportation Projects
Rules Update
Car Buyback Program
APCD Board Roundup
Permit & Compliance Summary
On the Net
Recent Venoco Events
Clean Air Month Events

March/April 1999
Celebrating Clean Air Month May 1999
APCD Wins Earth Day Award
Air Pollution Harms Kids’ Lungs
Board Roundup
Clean Air Month and Clean Air Week
Permit & Compliance Summary
On the Net
Biking to Work- and to Everything Else
Yardi Systems Bike to Work Club
Cutting Air Pollution – by the Ton
Bike to Work Day: Tuesday, May 18

January/February 1999
More People, More Cars, More Pollution
Resources for Sustainable Planning
APCD Board Roundup
On the Net
Permit & Compliance Summary
Businesses Honored
Billion Dollar Settlement with Diesel Engine Manufacturers
Reminder for APCD Permit Holders
Making Diesel Engines Cleaner
EV Incentive Extended
The Year 2000 Problem: Help for Businesses

November/December 1998
Planning for Clean Air
APCD’s Administrative Support Network
APCD Board Roundup
Clean Air Holiday Tips
Permit & Compliance Summary
Green Policies Good for Business, says Kilovac
Driving His Product

September/October 1998
The Price of Good Health
Green Awards
APCD’s 1998 Clean Air Plan
What One Person Can Do
Air Data Online
APCD Board Roundup
Air Quality Ballot Initiative
Permit & Compliance Summary
Green Award Winners

July/August 1998
Take a Vacation from your Car
Meet APCD’s Technology and Environmental Assessment Division
APCD Budget Adopted
Smoking Out Smoking Vehicles
Summer Ozone Season Begins
APCD Board Roundup
EV1 arrives at APCD
Permit & Compliance Summary
Thinking BIG About Recycling
Marketing Pollution Reduction
Resources for Businesses

May/June 1998
High Ozone Levels Recorded in April
Consultant Admits Wrongdoing-Lawsuit Settled
Meet APCD’s Major Source Division
APCD Board Roundup
Earth Day
Spotlight on Diesel Exhaust
APCD’s Booster Pump Program
Turbodyne Update
Choosing “Green” Power

March/April 1998
Paving Paradise to Put Up a Parking Lot
…Looking Back
Board Roundup
May is Clean Air Month
Permit & Compliance Summary
Green Award Enhances Business Image
Past Green Award Winners
Bike to Work Day

January/February 1998
Revising Rule 210: Finding the Balance Point
Meet APCD’s General Source Division
Rules Planned for 1998
Attention APCD Permit Holders
Board Roundup
Permit & Compliance Summary
The “Green” in Green Business
Business Updates

November/December 1997
It’s a Wrap: APCD Reviews 1997
Looking Back…1997
Working Together Is Like A Breath of Fresh Air
1998 Community Advisory Council (CAC) Meetings and Plan Adoption Schedule
Update on Rules
Permit & Compliance Summary
Emission Reductions “Stem” From APCD Grant to Nursery
New Requirements for Portable Equipment
Vandenberg Emission Reduction Project Gets “John Hancock”

September/October 1997
EPA Proposes Change to Air Quality Status
Community Contributes to APCD Strategic Plan
Electric Vehicles: Saving $ Makes Sense
May I Help You?
Permit & Compliance Summary
Local Businesses Receive Green Awards for 1997
P2 Rules!

July/August 1997
Federal Air Quality Standards Revised
APCD Budget Adopted
Buying a New Car?
Permit & Compliance Summary
Consider Your Copy Machine
Auto Parts Cleaning Report Available
Put an Office P2 Program to Work
Pollution Prevention Week 1997
IRTA on the Web

May/June 1997
APCD Budget Reflects Declining Revenue
New Source Review Rule Adopted
APCD Building Agricultural Partnerships
Ozone Study
1997 Green Award
Permit & Compliance Summary
Joslyn Hopeful About New Cleaning Process
On-Line Business Resources
50 Years of Progress Toward Clean Air
Pollution Prevention Roundtable Hotline

March/April 1997
Board Orders Riviera Monitoring
Clean Air Events
Motor Vehicle Project Funding Appoved
Roadside Emission Study
1997 Green Award
Permit & Compliance Summary
Celite Benefits from APCD?s Boiler Initiative
Chromium Standard for Metal Finishers
Pollution Prevention ABC?s

January/February 1997
EPA Proposes New Clean Air Standards
1996 Report to the Community
Customer Service
Old Car Buy-Back
Permit & Compliance Summary
Engineering and Permit Services Now on the Web
Business Assistance Year in Review
Revisions to Regulations II and VIII
California Integrated Waste Management Board Web Site

November/December 1996
APCD’s Partnerships, P2 Activities Recognized
APCD Withdraws Attainment Demonstration
Smog Check II
Holiday Shopping
Aftermarket Car Parts
Bike to Work Design Contest
Permit & Compliance Summary
Viscarra’s Furniture Switches to Water Rinse
Vendors Demonstrate Wood Coatings
Support for Manufacturers
… and Automotive Service and Repair

September/October 1996
1996 Green Award
Pollution Prevention Week
DMV Funding Available
Permit & Compliance Summary
Sonatech Switches to Aqueous Cleaning
Upcoming Workshops
Regulatory Costs and Frustration

July/August 1996
Mid-Year Air Quality Report
How Much Data Do You Want?
APCD Budget Approved
Clean Air Cars
Electric Incentive
UCSB Retrofits Dorm Boilers
New Definition for Reactive Organic Compounds
Pollution Prevention at Your Workplace
Business Assistance Line
Q & A: Restaurants

May/June 1996
Art-Craft Helped by APCD and IRTA
Summer Smog Season Gets and Early Start
Air Monitoring Network Operating More Efficiently
Biking Made Easier
New Channel Islands Air Monitor
1996 Green Award
Permit & Compliance Summary
Pollution Prevention Program
1995 Annual Reports
Air Toxics 1995 Annual Report
Industry Updates
$ Fees $

March/April 1996
APCD Receives Presidential Award
Web Pages Revised
Permit Process Improvements
EPA Moves to Approve CA Plans
Roadside Testing of Vehicle Emissions
Bike to Work Day 1996
Permit & Compliance Summary
APCD Inspectors
Business Attraction and Retention Team
Dry Cleaner Update
The California Capital Access Program
Pollution Prevention EPA Sector Notebooks

January/February 1996
Indoor Air Pollution
New Gasoline Tested at Lake Cachuma
Newsletter Survey
Smog Check – Economic Hardship Extension Adopted
Smoking Vehicles
Permit & Compliance Summary
New Hearing Board Members Appointed
Tell Us What You Think
Switching to PERC?
Title V Update
Pollution Prevention Documents Available


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