Permitting Policy and Procedures

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  • 08/25/16: Numerous updates made to Permitting Policies and Procedures. See Memo.
P&P Number P&P Name P&P Document
 Table of Contents  engtc.pdf
3100.V.F  Granting Extensions to Administrative Deadlines  3100.V.F.pdf
 6100.003  Contiguous or Adjacent Properties  6100-003.pdf
 6100.004  Planned and Unplanned Flaring Events  6100.004.pdf
 6100.005  Applicant Request to Waive Permit Conditions  6100.005.pdf
 6100.006  Applicant Request for ATC Time Extension or “Clock Stopping”  6100.006.pdf
 6100.014  Fee Assessment for Wellheads and Associated Pumping Units  6100.014.pdf
 6100.015  Application of New Source Review to Affected Pollutants  6100.015.pdf
 6100.016  Processing of Project Modifications Occurring Between ATC & PTO  6100.016.pdf
 6100.017  Resolving Conflicts Between Rules and Permit Conditions  6100.017.pdf
 6100.018  Calculation of Emission Reduction Credit Baseline  6100.018.pdf
 6100.020  Handling of Confidential Information  6100.020.pdf
 6100.023  Emission Limits for Reevaluated Permits  6100.023.pdf
 6100.026  Informing Applicant/Permittee of Right to Appeal Permits Issued 6100.026.pdf
 6100.027  Reevaluation Fees  6100.027.pdf
 6100.029  Arrangements for Partial Payment Created by Personal Hardship  6100.029.pdf
 6100.030  Fixed Roof Tank Vapor Control System Efficiency  6100.030.pdf
 6100.031  Removal of Oil and Gas Wells from Permits and I&M Programs  6100.031.pdf
 6100.034  Failure to Obtain Permit (Rule 210.V.A.4)  6100.034.pdf
 6100.035  Allowable Changes to Permits During the Reevaluation Process  6100.035.pdf
 6100.039  Permit Requirements for Source Testing  6100.039.pdf
 6100.041  ASTM Methods for Measuring High Heating Value (HHV) in Certain Fuels  6100.041.pdf
 6100.042  Managing the Source Compliance Demonstration Period  6100.042.pdf
 6100.044  Recordkeeping Consistency Pertaining to Rules/Policies/Permits  6100.044.pdf
 6100.047  Preparation of Hearing Board Staff Report for Permit Appeals  6100.047.pdf
 6100.049  Gasoline Station Facilities: Permit Requirements and Fee Calculations  6100.049.pdf
 6100.052  Storage of Diluent and Application of Rules 325 and 326  6100.052.pdf
 6100.057  Re-Use of Existing Emission Reduction Credits   6100.057.pdf
 6100.058  Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) Enforcement  6100.058.pdf
 6100.059  Implementation of Revised ROC Definition   6100.059.pdf
 6100.060  Calculation of Fugitive Hydrocarbon Emissions at Oil and Gas Facilities by the CARB/KVB Method —  Modified for Revised ROC Definition  6100.060.pdf
 6100.061  Determination of Fugitive Hydrocarbon Emissions at Oil and Gas Facilities Through the Use of Facility  Component Counts — Modified for Revised ROC Definition  6100.061.pdf
 6100.062  Source Test Observation and Enforcement  6100.062.pdf
 6100.064  Best Available Control Technology  6100.064.pdf
 6100.067  The Source Register  6100.067.pdf
 6100.068  Converting Existing Hourly Mass Emission Rates to Daily Mass Emission Rates  6100.068.pdf
 6100.069  Appeal of APCD Exemption Determinations  6100.069.pdf
 6100.070  Combined ATC/PTO Permits  6100.070.pdf
 6100.071  New Source Review — Public Noticing of Permits  6100.071.pdf
 6100.072  Using Correlation Equation Methodology to Estimate Mass ROC Emissions at Oil and Gas Facilities  6100.072.pdf
 6100.073  Equivalent Routine Replacement  6100.073.pdf
 6100.074  Emission Calculations for PM2.5  6100.074.pdf
 6100.075  ERCs for Offset Exempt Equipment/Processes  6100.075.pdf

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