This page contains the Santa Barbara County APCD’s list of approved portable NOx/CO analyzers.  This list will be updated as we approve and/or remove analyzers from this list.

Company NameModel Web Page
Bacharach Inc.Model ECA 450 Portable Emission Analyzer  ECA-450
E-InstrumentsE4500 Portable Emission Analyzer  E4500
E-InstrumentsE8500 Plus Portable Emission Analyzer  E8500 Plus
ECOM America, Ltd.A-Plus Portable Emission Analyzer  ECOM A+
ECOM America, Ltd.J2KN Portable Emission Analyzer  ECOM J2KN
ECOM America, Ltd.EN2-F  ECOM EN2-F
Enerac Division of Energy Efficiency Systems, Inc.Enerac 3000E Portable Emission Analyzer  3000E
Enerac Division of Energy Efficiency Systems, Inc.Enerac M700 Combustion Emissions Analyzer  M700
Horiba Instruments, Inc.Horiba PG-250 Portable Gas Analyzer
Land CombustionLANCOM Series III Portable Emission Analyzer
Testo, Inc.Model 350 Portable Emission Analyzer  350
WohlerA 550 L Flue Gas Analyzer  Wohler A 550 L

Last Updated January 23, 2014.

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