Approved Portable Analyzers

This page contains the Santa Barbara County APCD’s list of approved portable NOx/CO analyzers.  This list will be updated as we approve and/or remove analyzers from this list.

Company Name Model Web Page
Bacharach Inc. ECA 450 Portable Emission Analyzer   ECA-450
Bacharach Inc. PCA 400 Combustion & Emission Analyzer   PCA 400
E-Instruments E4500 Portable Emission Analyzer   E4500
E-Instruments E8500 Plus Portable Emission Analyzer   E8500 Plus
ECOM America, Ltd. A-Plus Portable Emission Analyzer   ECOM A+
ECOM America, Ltd. J2KN Portable Emission Analyzer   ECOM J2KN
ECOM America, Ltd. EN2-F   ECOM EN2-F
Enerac Division of Energy Efficiency Systems, Inc. Enerac 3000E Portable Emission Analyzer   3000E
Enerac Division of Energy Efficiency Systems, Inc. Enerac M700 Combustion Emissions Analyzer   M700
Horiba Instruments, Inc. Horiba PG-250 Portable Gas Analyzer
Land Combustion LANCOM Series III Portable Emission Analyzer
MRU Instruments NOVA Plus Portable Emission Analyzer   NOVA Plus
Testo, Inc. Model 350 Portable Emission Analyzer   350
Wohler A 550 L Flue Gas Analyzer   Wohler A 550 L

Last Updated September 24, 2019.

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