South Ellwood Field

Platform Holly is located off Coal Oil Point near Goleta. Oil and natural gas from Platform Holly are sent by pipeline to the Ellwood Onshore Facility. At the onshore facility, the oil, natural gas and water are separated. Oil is treated to remove hydrogen sulfide, stored on-site, then sent to the Plains Pipeline for transport to refinery. Water is injected into an on-site disposal well. Natural gas is dried, treated to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, compressed, then sold to the local utility company. Two wells at the nearby Beachfront Lease are associated with the stationary source.

In 2017, the State Lands Commission took over ownership of Platform Holly and the Beachfront Lease from Venoco, Inc. The State Lands Commission took over operation of the Ellwood Onshore Facility. For historical information on the Venoco Ellwood stationary source, please see this page.

Operating Permits

The Part 70 Operating Permits below are due for renewal on 5/11/2021.

Platform Holly Title V Operating Permit
Ellwood Onshore Facility Title V Operating Permit
Beachfront Lease Title V Operating Permit

Draft Permits

Draft Permit – Platform Holly
Draft Permit – Ellwood Onshore Facility

Public Notices

May 4, 2021 Public Notice

Information on Odor Monitoring

Handout (May 14, 2018)