Boilers, Process Heaters, Steam Generators, and Water Heaters

This webpage provides a portal to important information that will assist you in complying with the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District’s requirements for boilers, process heaters, steam generators and water heaters.  These three rules are applicable:

  • Rule 360.  Applies to units rated from 75,000 Btu/hr to 2,000,000 Btu/hr.  [Adopted October 17, 2002. Revised March 15, 2018.]
  • Rule 361.  Applies to units rated between 2.0 MMBtu/hr to 5.0 MMBtu/hr.  [Adopted January 17, 2008. Revised June 20, 2019.]
  • Rule 342.  Applies to units rated at 5.0 MMBtu/hr and greater.  [Adopted March 10, 1992. Revised June 20, 2019.]

On January 17, 2008, the APCD Board adopted Rule 361 as well as revisions to Rule 202.  This rule making action has two immediate impacts for smaller combustion units (e.g., boilers, large water heaters and process heaters).  See also the Rule 361 flowchart.

  • Permit Applications Due April 16, 2008.  All existing units rated between 2.0 MMBtu/hr – 5.0 MMBtu/hr are required to submit a Permit to Operate application to the APCD by no later than April 17, 2008.  Permit application Form -60 is required.
  • Installation of New or Replacements Units Must Comply Now.  All new units (including replacements as well as moving existing units from one site to another ) that are installed on or after January 17, 2008 are required to first obtain an Authority to Construct permit and are required to meet the NOx and CO emission standards of Rule 361.  Permit application Form -61 is required.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Permit Application Material

  • Application Form -60 for Existing Boilers/Process Heaters Rated Less than 5.0 MMBtu/hr
  • Application Form -61 for New Boilers/Process Heaters Rated Less than 5.0 MMBtu/hr
  • Application Form -33 for External Combustion Rated at 5.0 MMBtu/hr and Greater
  • APCD General Permit Application Form -01
  • Authorized Agent Form -01A

Compliance Material

Reference Material

Please note that application forms (such as Form -01) are also available for download at Download Permit Application Forms.

For more information or assistance, contact us via email at [email protected].

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