News and Notices 2011

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News Releases Public Notices

11-8-11 $1,000 for your Old Car, Pickup, Van or SUV

10-24-11 Tips for Cleaner Fireplace Burning and Safer Homes

9-23-11 EPA Federal Ozone Standard Announcement – Santa Barbara County Considered ?Marginal? Nonattainment  

8-22-11 Van Mullem Appointed New District Director

5-5-11 Smog Season Begins – Hot Weather Impacts Air Quality


11-13-11 Public Notice – Draft Federal Part 70 Permits for Venoco – Ellwood Stationary Source

10-14-11 Public Notice – El Encanto Hotel Installation of an Emergency Generator

9-20-11 Notice of Board Hearing – Proposed Amended Rule 352, Natural Gas-Fired Fan-Type Central Furnaces and Small Water Heaters

7-10-11 Notice of Public Workshop / Community Advisory Council Meeting- Proposed Revisions to: Rules 330, 337, 349, and 353

6-24-11 Public Notice – Lompoc Unified School District Installation of an Emergency Generator

6-5-11 Public Notice – Authority to Construct Permit for ExxonMobil – Santa Ynez Unit

5-29-11 Public Notice – Air Monitoring Network Plan for Santa Barbara County

5-20-11 Public Notice – Former Twitchell Lease Contaminated Soil Cleanup Project

5-18-11 Public Notice – New Gasoline Dispensing Facility at 5484 Overpass Road (Tierra Contracting)

5-15-11 Public Notice  – Draft Federal Part 70 Permits for the E&B Natural Resources Management Corporation

4-10-11 Public Notice – Proposed Budget Fiscal Year 2011-2012

4-3-11 Public Notice – Preliminary Decision to Approve Emission Reduction Credits for Wm. Bolthouse Farms, Inc.

4-1-11 Public Notice – Installation of Two Diesel-fired Emergency Generators for Solvang Lutheran Home, Inc. 

3-24-11 Mission Linen Supply Contaminated Soil Cleanup Project

2-13-11 Notice of Public Workshop – California Environmental Quality Act Significance Thresholds for Greenhouse Gases

2-13-11 Notice of Board Hearing – Proposed Amended Rule 202, Exemptions to Rule 201 and Proposed Amended Rule 102, Definitions – Semiconductor Operations and Facilities

1-16-11 Notice of Two Public Scoping Workshops – Rules 330,337,349 and 353

1-12-11 Public Notice – Station Rebuild and Increase in Gasoline Throughput for 1929 Cliff Drive (Jemesa, LLC)

1-7-11 Public Notice – Verizon Wireless Company’s Installation of an Emergency Generator

1-2-11 Public Notice – Air Quality Regulatory Measures that May Be Adopted or Amended in 2011


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