Spark Ignited Internal Combustion Engine

This webpage provides a portal to important information that will assist you in complying with the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District’s requirements for spark ignited internal combustion engines.  If you have a diesel fired engine, see the APCD’s Diesel Engine Webpage.  If you have an agricultural diesel engine, see the APCD’s AG Engine Webpage.  These rules apply to spark ignited internal combustion engines:

  • Rule 333.  Applies to any engine with a rated brake horsepower of 50 or greater.  Revised June 19, 2008.
  • Rule 202.  Revised June 19, 2008.

On June 19, 2008, the APCD Board adopted revisions to Rule 333 as well as revisions to Rule 102, Rule 201, and Rule 202.  This rule making action has immediate impacts for de-rated engines, certain types of portable construction equipment, including air compressors, generators, concrete pumps, abrasive lasting equipment, pile drivers, welders, cranes, and construction drill rigs.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Permit Application Material

  • Application Form -70 for Spark Ignited Internal Combustion Engines
  • APCD General Permit Application Form -01
  • Authorized Agent Form -01A

Compliance Material

Reference Material

Please note that application forms (such as Form -01) are also available for download at Download Permit Application Forms.

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