APCD Comment Letters for Cannabis Projects

APCD Comment Letters for Cannabis Projects

County of Santa Barbara:

Comment letters on County Cannabis Ordinance:

April 2017 Response to NOP of an EIRNovember 2017 Comments on Draft Program EIRJanuary 2018 Comments on Odor Abatement Plans

Comment letters on County cannabis projects:

Tep 6 – 19CUP-00000-00057Rancho Encantado – 19CUP-00000-00036Teixeira Cannabis – 21CUP-00000-00018
92nd G25, LLC – 19CUP-00000-00040CP1 Supply Systems Inc – 19CDH-00000-00019New Era – 19CUP-00000-00037
Dionysus Management Company LLC – 19CUP-00000-00029Santa Maria Highland Farms LLC – 19CUP-00000-00032Cuyama Farms LLC – 19CUP-00000-00041
Long Canyon Properties Holdings LLC – 19CUP-00000-00027Nutik Indoor – 19CUP-00000-00025Hog Honey – 19CUP-00000-00024
Ceres Farms LLC – 19CDP-00000-00061Casitas Greenhouse LC – 19CDP-00000-00058CVW Organics – 19DVP-00000-00001
North Star Holdings LLC Site 1 – 19CDP-00000-00044North Star Holdings LLC Site 2– 19CDP-00000-00054SRH Canna LLC – 19CUP-00000-00021
Mediedibles – 19CDP-00000-00045California Cannabis – 19CDH-00000-00013Hillside Habits – 19CUP-00000-00019
Fusion Development Co. LLC – 19CUP-00000-00017Santa Rita Holdings – 19CUP-00000-00018From the Earth – 19DVP-00000-00023
Terp City – 19CDP-00000-00023Valley Crest Farms LLC – 19DVP-00000-00027Sticky Icky’s – 19DVP-00000-00021
5295 Shoreline Drive – 19CDH-00000-00012Sea View Farms – 19CDH-00000-00011VWV LLC. – 19DVP-00000-00020
Orbiter Inc./Saga Inc. – 19DVP-00000-00017Melodious Plots – Ednigma – 19DVP-00000-00016Louis Armstrong – 19DVP-00000-00008
Power Farms LLC. – 19DVP-00000-00004SLO Cultivation Inc. – 19CDH-00000-00031Autumn Brands and Ocean Hill Farms – 19CDH-00000-00001
Sticky Ickys – 19DVP-00000-00021Petal Lux Inc. – 19DVP-00000-00014Lions Eye Farms LLC – 19DVP-00000-00018
Castillo Trust – 19DVP-00000-00019From the Earth LLC – 19CUP-00000-00007805 Ag Holdings LLC – 18DVP-00000-00013
805 Ag Holdings LLC (Site 5) – 19DVP-00000-00012805 Ag Holdings LLC – 19DVP-00000-00006Central Coast Agriculture LLC – 19DVP-00000-00010
Central Coast Agricultural LLC – 19DVP-00000-00011805 Ag Holdings LLC – 18CUP-00000-00040Motivation Management Group LLC – 18CUP-00000-00031
Cardenas – 18CUP-00000-00030Funny Farms – 18CUP-00000-00026Lily’s Green Garden – 18DVP-00000-00012
Jonata Park Growers – 18DVP-00000-00010Herbal Angels – 18DVP-00000-00009Phoenix Investments LLC – 18CUP-00000-00019


Condition letters on County cannabis projects:

SLO Cultivation Inc. – 18CDH-00000-00031Central Coast Ag. – 19DVP-00000-00010 
Autumn Brands – 19CDH-00000-00001Emmawood B1 LLC – 19CDH-00000-00019Casitas Greenhouse LLC – 19CDP-00000-00058
Sea View Farms – 19CDH-00000-00011Herbal Angels Condition Letter – 18DVP-00000-00009Orbiter Inc./Saga Inc – 19DVP-00000-00017
CVW Organics – 19DVP-00000-00001From the Earth LLC – 19CUP-00000-00007Lily’s Green Garden – 18DVP-00000-00012


City of Goleta:

Sublime Cannabis Manufacturing – 18-162-DPAM  
6760 Cortona Cannabis Microbusiness – 19-010-DP-CUP-DRBGreenbridge Cannabis Microbusiness – 18-164-LUPHollister Naturals Cannabis Retail – 18-156-CUP-DRB
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